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Re-imagining Self Care in Lasting Crisis: A Creative, Virtual Workshop

Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 7:00 - 8:30pm

Facilitated by: Jazmine Tufford-Singh
Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Art Therapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor

The pandemic has brought new, unfamiliar levels of anxiety to some, and has amplified already heightened levels in others. Taking care of ourselves as we continue to cope with a sustained crisis is proving to be an exhausting challenge. Previous ways of coping might not be available to us, and we might be feeling overwhelmed with the idea of developing a renewed approach to emotional, physical, and spiritual self care. In this virtual workshop, we will use creative expression to connect to our authentic needs and explore how to nurture them in the face of prolonged stress.

  • All adults are welcome, please register in advance.

  • Absolutely no previous art experience is required to participate.

  • Only simply art materials are needed to participate (pencil & paper), however you are welcome to choose any materials you like and have at home.

  • Participating in workshops can create a sense of connection,  and a feeling of not being alone in our struggle: things that are needed now more than ever. Jazmine will support the collective creation of a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space, and this is something that everyone contributes to.

  • Uncertainty around connecting with people we don't know can most certainly be present, so there is no pressure to share artwork, or share in the discussion. You are welcome to join, create, and listen. Please see the technical details below for how this looks virtually.

To Register: Please connect with Jazmine via email:


The fee for the virtual workshop is $40.00+HST ($45.20). Providing payment secures your space in the workshop. Payment can be made via e-transfer and a receipt is provided.

Technical Details

Jazmine will provide a link for you to log in and participate in the workshop. Jazmine asks that you have your camera on during the workshop, in order to create a sense of community and presence together, but mute your microphone so that background noise is not distracting. There will be opportunities for voluntary sharing/discussion, and you are welcome to unmute at these times. 

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