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Adult Therapy

Adults come to therapy with various therapeutic goals to work towards, including expressing and regulating emotions, finding new ways to cope with stress and/or mental health, healing from experiences of trauma or loss, deepening one’s relationship with the self, connecting more with others, developing strategies for self-care, and strengthening self-confidence. Sometimes, we may be unsure of what specifically brings us to therapy, other than a quest for a safe space within which to simply be. The safe, unconditionally accepting therapy space uniquely offers this opportunity.

When working with adults in psychotherapy, the approach to each session is dependent on the unique needs of each client. For some, this may involve more verbal communication with the therapist, whereby we can explore, process, and reflect upon significant elements of a client's past or present experience. For others, therapy involves extending this exploration of the self to visual expression, where we can gain new insight into what words cannot express.

Despite what many may think, creative expression is not only for kids. Engaging in art therapy does not require any prior experience with art materials or creative “skill.”  In this creative space, the art does the talking, often speaking louder than words, and brings us to deeper levels of insight and awareness.  Each individual client is the expert of the meaning within their creative work. It is the role of the therapist to guide the client in exploring this further, and embracing this meaning to attain a new understanding of the inner self.

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