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Visual Journaling Workshop

Are you looking to give yourself some time and the safe space to be creative and explore? Perhaps to play, and re-connect with your inner self? The Visual Journalling Workshop for adults may be for you.

Much of our lives are dominated by the spoken and written word, which requires us to carefully articulate what we think, feel, and believe. By giving ourselves the opportunity to explore through the visual language of art, which does not require any sort of articulation, just a willingness to be open and playful, we have the opportunity to bring life to deep insights, thoughts, and reflections about our own self.

In this workshop, participants personalize their own visual journal (provided) using a variety of art materials such as collage images, pastels, markers, and paints. They will also begin the process of journalling on the inner pages, bringing whatever intentions you may have for where you they in their journey of life.

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