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Containing Butterflies: A Workshop for Parents of Children Who Experience Worry & Anxiety

Kids struggling with big worries seems to be incredibly common amongst children today. I see it in my therapy practice everyday, as parents seek out support for their children, and guidance for themselves in how to best support their kids in feeling more calm, freer of debilitating worries, and re-embrace the natural ease and playfulness of being a kid.

This 4 session workshop is for parents only, and focuses on helping parents to cope with the strain anxiety can have on their relationship with their child, learn ways to contain their own emotions and therefore help to co-regulate with their child, and to ultimately reconnect with their children, rediscovering a sense of groundedness. 

Parents are encouraged to share and discuss their own experiences in the presence of fellow parents, and explore their experiences and new concepts/strategies through creative expression.

Parents, teachers, and others who support children are welcome to attend this workshop.

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