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There are no upcoming workshops scheduled at this time. Below are workshops that have been offered in the past:

Looking to add some creativity to your w

Visual Journaling Workshop

Engage in the practice of visual journaling - expressing the self through the language of art using collage, paints, pastels, and more.

Weathering the Storm.png

Weathering the Storm

A virtual workshop for parents/guardians supporting children whom experience anxiety.

Winter (7).png

Hibernate: A Creative Workshop on Preparing Our Mental Health for Winter

A creative workshop on caring for our mental health in winter.

heart shine instagram image.png


Artmaking for Self-Love

In this virtual workshop, I will invite you to engage in art directives focused on the theme of self-love.


Re-Imagining Self Care in Lasting Crisis: A Creative, Virtual Workshop

In this virtual workshop, we will use creative expression to connect to our authentic needs and explore how to nurture them in the face of prolonged stress caused by the pandemic.

Always be reaching, because you'll alway

Grace Group for Women

A safe space for all adult women to gather together for self-care, art-making, collective compassion, a sense of community, and tea. 

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